LiveMint Q&A

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Q&A | Niraj Dawar A new book says that if you’re looking at business growth, you must identify the reasons why your customers buy from you rather than from the competition…Continue...

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Quirk’s Market Research Media Reviews TILT

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When listening to customers is not enough In his new book, Tilt – Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers, Niraj Dawar makes a strong argument for marketers to actively dictate and manage the expectations of the markets in which they operate. The thinking being that, by setting the rules of the game, companies have a better chance of influencing how the game is played. Part of that process, to be sure, involves obtaining...

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Your company’s greatest asset is hidden in plain sight

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The Globe and Mail (Canada) published this excerpt from TILT today. For thousands of years, farmers, ranchers, herdsmen, and hunters seemingly failed to notice that cattle and deer align in the same direction when grazing in a field, or at least, if they did make this observation, they did not proclaim it very loudly. In 2008, Czech and German zoologists decided to look at Google Earth images of 308 cow pastures and 241 deer localities around...

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Interview with Bob Morris

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Here’s an extended interview with Bob Morris, covering TILT and a whole lot more…including this Q&A: Morris: Of all the films that you have seen, which – in your opinion – best dramatizes important business principles? Please explain. Dawar: I particularly like The Hudsucker Proxy for its portrayal of business morality, the struggle between good and evil in a business context, and the strategy of an underdog. In the movie there...

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